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Greater Manchester Locksmiths


Our Greater Manchester Locksmiths offer some extremely competitive services when it comes to maintaining and installing the different types of lock systems you can think of. Some of the common types of locks include standard key locks, complex electronic locks as well as digital locks.


The most common types of locksmith professions depending on the types of locks that they fix, some of them include commercial, industrial, residential as well as emergency. Each of the specific fields requires different skills and expertise. There are quite a number of Locksmiths in Manchester that you can get depending on the type of work you want done.


Services by Locksmith Manchester:


Residential – the most common type of services offered by the locksmith is residential work. If you are a property owner then, safety is usually one of the most important things that you consider especially if it is a new neighbourhood that you are moving to.


Get a locksmith who is well experienced to help you decide the type of lock to install in your house depending on the neighbourhood. The other reason as to why you should stick to a professional is so that you can call him back in case of any repairs or maintenance that you might need.


Commercial – another reason as to why you might need a locksmith is to protect your business. You have to install security systems that will ensure the building and other commercial items are protected. You also need to consult a professional locksmith especially if you are trying to install different access points or even different access levels for your staff.


Automobile – different models of automobiles will need different types of locks and the best person to advice you on what you need is the locksmith. It is important to install security measures in your automobile especially if you use it for commercial purposes.


Emergency Locksmiths – most of the locksmith companies in Manchester claim to operate 24/7. Emergency cases are very common as you might lose your key or someone might break into your house. Try to contact these so called 247 locksmiths in Manchester after midnight and you won’t get a response. EXCEPT FROM US!.


When getting a locksmith you have to do a background check to ensure that the person you are hiring to install the locks for you is a professional and he can be trusted. You can go through some of the reviews given by the clients so that you can learn much about the company.











Why Choose Locksmith Manchester:


Locksmith Manchester have been servicing Manchester and the surrounding areas for many years with highly trained security staff who can offer a first class service on all of your security needs. From a simple lock out to a complete break in repair service and security survey of your premises our locksmiths in Manchester can cover any work at any time day or night.


We will always respond fast when you have a security related emergency and we also look to save your locks wherever possible rather than drilling them and causing unnecessary damage to your locks and doors. In some cases we will have no other option than to drill your locks, however in this type of circumstance we have 99% of all domestic and commercial locks on our fully stocked vehicles meaning a lock change will not be a problem and you will usually be able to choose between different styles and different security levels.


We would always recommend going for the higher security locks which provide much more security on your premises, however we understand that this is not always financially and that is why we have a wide range of locks to choose from for nearly every customer.


Becoming a Locksmith in Manchester:


If you are looking to become a locksmith in the Manchester area then we can put you in touch with the best local locksmith training school. When you want to be a locksmith give us a bell and we will put you in touch with the only locksmith training school that can offer you complete auto, commercial and domestic locksmith training school in under seven days for less than £1300.


The course run for locksmiths in Manchester also provides £400 worth of credits from 3Local.com meaning your first potential 80 domestic locksmiths jobs are already taken care of. Now that is a huge amount of work, especially when your first starting out and marketing is by far the most important and hardest part of making any company a success or failure.


Whatever you are looking for when you want to become a locksmith in Manchester, in fact anywhere in the UK, then give us a call and we will point you in the right direction so that you will succeed in the industry.













Extreme Locks Locksmiths Manchester:


When it comes to security you should be looking for a professionally qualified locksmith company who can provide you with security services in addition to the general lock changes, lock installations repairs and re key services you get from most locksmiths in Manchester.


Here at Extreme Locks – Locksmiths Manchester we are one of the most highly qualified commercial, domestic and auto locksmiths companies in the region and that is why we have purchased many local locksmith companies in recent months, these include Extreme Locks, Responsive Locksmiths and also the national auto locksmiths company WeOpenAnyCar.Com.


Car Locksmith Services in Manchester:


Our clients are so pleased with our services that we get more business from recommendation than we actually do from our advertising and we always aim to keep every single client happy with our services and which include auto, commercial and residential locksmith services.


We also provide a locksmiths comparison service across the UK and Ireland, so if we can’t cover your job directly we will provide quotes from local locksmiths in your area who will all contact you directly to help you with security needs.


Here when you need a Locksmiths in Manchester:


Whatever you need an expert locksmith in Manchester to work on simply pick up the phone to our Manchester Locksmiths team as we have experience in all euro lock installation, repair and entry as well as shutter locks, mortice locks, window locks, roller shutters, patio locks, vehicle locks and even bank safe locks or high security anti snap dimple locks.


Locksmith Manchester


When it comes to security in the Greater Manchester area and your looking for an experienced locksmiths in Manchester look no further than Extreme Locks Locksmiths in Manchester the number one local locksmiths company near you.


If you really want to work with one of the best local locksmiths around then call us and ask to see our expert commercial locksmiths in Manchester and even if it is domestic issue, then we will send our very best locksmiths out to see you and help upgrade, repair or just inspect the security levels at your home.


The difference between a standard emergency locksmith and one of our commercial locksmiths in usually about ten years experience and the ability to pick almost any lock without causing the slightest bit of damage to the lock or the housing which the lock sits in.


Locksmith Manchester


Should you have a jammed lock and just need an emergency locksmiths to react fast, unlock your door and then replace the locks to the same or a better standard than you already have, then simply pick up the phone and one of our locksmiths will be with you in 30 minutes or maybe less.


If your looking for a locksmith in Manchester during the early hours of the morning or very late at night you will find that most companies dont even answer their phones, however our locksmiths will respond within 30 minutes 24 hours a day and we never miss a single call.


Security is by far the most important factor to any business that doesn’t actually make you a profit, as the failure of your security can result in the loss of much of your business, if not the closure of your company altogether, so when dealing with our Manchester based locksmith you will find that they take your security and insurance requirements as seriously as you do.


When you are looking for a locksmiths in Manchester look no further than Extreme Locks Locksmiths the most experienced 24 hour emergency auto, commercial and residential locksmiths in the Greater Manchester area.














Lock Changes in Manchester


When you need a lock changed in Manchester you would usually use a locksmith to ensure the job is done correctly and that your premises is left very secure.


In most cases for just a few pounds more you could actually have a complete new lock installed at your premises meaning you then have 2 locks on your door, providing twice the security of one lock and in some cases reducing your insurance premiums by the rice of the new lock every single year.


When you are looking to have a lock changed in Manchester it may be a good idea to consider a lock installation by one of our locksmiths in Manchester, which may actually save you money instead of costing you money.


Why not ask an Expert Locksmith in Manchester


When it comes to amending your home security there is usually a cheaper and more secure way to do it than you would think. In many cases just giving a locksmith a call can actually help you find a better way of doing the job even if your not intending on using a locksmith.


Remember when it comes to your home security you should always consult a professional locksmiths in Manchester before actually attempting the work yourself.


Simple steps for fitting a Yale Lock


We usually refer to the locks in wooden doors that automatically lock when you shut the door as Yale locks. These are one of the easiest types of locks to fit from scratch when you have a wooden front door. If you buy a Yale lock off the shelf in say B&Q or a hardware store then this is what you need to do.


Open the packet and lay all the pieces on the ground next to the door. Then you need to take a whole saw or insert a bit for drilling holes into your drill. Measure from the edge of the door in millimetres to a point on the door usually about 40 or 60 mil. Once you have market the point on the door simply drill a hole straight through the door.


Right believe it or not, your pretty much done. Simply attach the plate from the lock case to the inside of the door then push the Yale lock through the door and security it in place with the bolts provided.


Next you need to try to place the handle of the lock onto the Yale stem which is popping through the door. If it fits great, if not the trim down the stem with a set of pliers. Now all you need to do is secure the Handle in place.


Next comes the keeps and they are pretty self explanatory, just mark where they are going on the door and measure the depth then start to remove small pieces of wood with a chisel until you are left with a gap that the keeps fit into snugly. Add a few screws and you have just fitted your first Yale lock from scratch.


If you have any problems with this or you would like a professional to come and do the job, then simple get in touch with our Manchester based locksmiths and we will come and fit the Yale lock for you.













Here’s how you remove a Euro lock from a PVC or rock door.


This procedure is very simple and can be done by anyone, however if this procedure is done wrong you can end up spending hundreds of pounds on a new PVC door mechanism so before you start remember BE GENTLE THIS PROCEDURE TAKES NO FORCE AT ALL.


OK you start with the door in the open position and at the edge of the door you will find a screw that is exactly level with just underneath where the key goes in the door. Unscrew this screw from the door and you should feel the lock become a little looser.


Now you want to put your key in the lock and gently move the lock back and forward. If the lock feels loose the you should try turning the key 10 degrees in either direction very gently while putting on a small amount of pulling pressure at the same time. Once you have turned the lock in the correct direction with the right amount of force the lock will simply slide out. Remember be gently.


Next you need to install the new Euro lock. first take the lock from its packaging and place it next to the lock you have just removed from your door. They should be identical in length on both side. Next you need to insert the key into the lock and turn it until the cam in the center of the lock becomes flush with the sides of the lock. Keeping the key in this position you next need to slide the lock into the door whilst looking down the whole where you took the bolt from in the beginning.


Once you can see the thread from where the bolt goes the lock is in the correct place. before inserting the bolt back into the whole you should check that the lock is flush on both sides of the door. If it is not then remove the lock, spin it round and repeat the previous procedure.


Once you can see the thread down the bolt hole and both the inside and outside locks are flush with the door you can reinsert the bolt and simply remove the key. You have just replaced a Euro lock. In some cases there are special devices fitted to your locks to stop criminals. These devices will stop you from removing the lock. In this situation you should probably contact a Locksmith to come and help you.


Residential Locksmiths


When it comes to home security be a locked door, lost keys, break in repairs or even lock installations then you need a residential locksmiths to undertake all your security work.


Commercial Locksmiths


When you have been locked out of your business premises or need a complete break in repair service at your office or factory then you need a commercial locksmith.


Auto Locksmiths


Auto Locksmiths provide a vehicle unlocking and car key replacement service when you have either been locked out of your car or you have lost or damaged your car keys.


Simple Tips


Fitting a Rim Cylinder: This is probably the easiest lock fitting job where you measure the distance from the edge of the door to a point and drill a single hole through the door. Once the rim cylinder is fitted, simply measure up for the keeps.


Picking a Car Lock: If you are using a 2 in 1 lishi pick, then simply push the pick all the way into the lock and then add very light rotation. Pushing toward the spring simply run through the pins gently feeling small movements until the lock gives and the door opens.


Snapping a Lock: On PVC doors the lock is held in place with a singe screw from the side. This makes a weak point on the lock. If the lock protrudes from the door more than 5 mil you can simply grab the lock front moving it side to side until the weak point gives way. Remove the lock and throw the bolt and the door will open.


Opening a PVC window with no key: If you have lost the key to your PVC window, you can simply force the handle in the direction it will unlock and the handle will go.


Slipping a rim cylinder: If you want to unlock a rim cylinder without causing damage you can slide a thin piece of flat plastic in the door at the same level as the latch. Jiggle the door back and forward whilst pushing the plastic into the door and it will open.


Fitting a Euro Lock: A Euro lock can not be fitted to or removed from a PVC door without the key as you need to rotate the centre cam so it is flush with the sides of the lock. The lock will then slide into the door. Once the lock is in the door you can line up the screw hole at the side of the door and simply tighten it to secure the lock.


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