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In today's world, it is nearly impossible to function without a car. However, when the car is not working as it should, it can be a significant inconvenience, especially if it is an electrical problem. That is where Lock & Load Trades based in Appley Bridge comes in with our auto electrician services. Lock & Load Trades is a trusted and reliable name in the automotive industry based in Appley Bridge. With years of experience, they have built a reputation as the go-to solution for car-related problems, and their auto electrician services are no exception.

What is an Auto Electrician?

Before we dive into Lock & Load Trades' services, it is essential to understand what an auto electrician is. Our team of Appley Bridge auto electricians are professionals who specialise in diagnosing and repairing electrical systems in automobiles. They are trained to work with complex electrical systems found in modern cars, making them an essential component of any car repair shop.

Lock & Load Trades' Auto Electrician Services

At Lock & Load Trades, their auto electricians are highly skilled and experienced. They can handle any electrical problem in any car, whether a simple repair or a complex issue. Their services include:

Electrical Diagnosis

The first step in any electrical repair is diagnosis. Lock & Load Trades' auto electricians use the latest technology to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem in your car's electrical system.

Electrical Repair

Once the problem has been diagnosed, the next step is to repair it. Lock & Load Trades' auto electricians are skilled in repairing all types of electrical problems, including:

  • Battery replacement and testing
  • Alternator replacement and testing
  • Starter replacement and testing
  • Electrical wiring repair
  • Lighting repair
  • Computer diagnostics
  • And much more

Electrical Installation

Lock & Load Trades' auto electricians can also install a variety of electrical components in your car, including:

  • Audio systems
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Remote start systems
  • Security systems
  • And much more

Why Choose Lock & Load Trades' Auto Electrician Services?

When it comes to auto electrician services, there are many options available. However, here are a few reasons why Lock & Load Trades stands out:

  1. Experience: Lock & Load Trades has years of experience in the automotive industry, making them a trusted and reliable name.
  2. Skilled Technicians: Our Appley Bridge auto electricians are highly skilled and experienced in diagnosing and repairing electrical systems in all types of cars.
  3. Quality Parts and Equipment: Lock & Load Trades uses only the highest quality parts and equipment in all of their repairs and installations.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Our auto electrician services are competitively priced, making them an affordable option for all car owners.

If you need auto electrician services, look no further than Lock & Load Trades. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians can handle any electrical problem in any car.

What Are Automotive Electricals?

Electricals are an integral component of any car. From headlights and wipers to heating and air conditioning, electricals can even power things like music players and radios. When your vehicle's electronic systems aren't functioning properly, contact an auto electrician immediately. They can accurately diagnose what is causing the issue and offer suggestions for repairs.


Switches--whether they be toggles or rockers, push-button or disconnect--are essential components in every 12-volt electrical system, from turning on lights to managing critical functions. Switch terminology can be complex, but understanding the fundamentals can help identify when your switch needs replacing. The two most frequent acronyms for switches are SPST for single pole single throw and DPDT for double pole double throw.

A single pole switch is used to control one circuit (one wire in, one wire out). It's commonly used for lighting or fans that need only a minimal amount of electricity but don't need to remain hot all the time. Double pole switches operate two circuits independently, acting like two identical mechanical switches.


Fuses are essential to protect electrical components within a car. Without them, an excessive current could heat wiring, melt the insulation and start a fire. Fuse ratings usually refer to amps, and a fuse with a lower rating means more current can pass through, potentially damaging the device it protects.

The most frequent type of fuse used in vehicles is a blade fuse (also called a spade or plug-in fuse). These plastic bodies feature two metal prongs that fit into sockets. If your car's fuses keep blowing, there may be an issue with its wiring or another issue requiring more advanced diagnostics. In such cases, hiring an auto electrician could be your best bet for solving the problem quickly and correctly. Once you've identified the blown fuse, replace it with a similar size, current and voltage. Refer to your owner's manual for guidance in selecting the correct fuse.


Solenoids are powerful relays that can handle large amounts of electrical current. They're utilised in numerous automotive systems, such as starters, enabling the ignition switch to send more current to the starter motor when turned on. If your car's starter is acting up, it could be due to a broken solenoid. To test a solenoid, attach a metal tool with a rubber handle to both the positive and negative terminals of the device. Touching both posts with a tool will form a bridge and allow power to pass from the battery to the starter. This indicates how strong your solenoid is and whether it can be repaired. If it's broken, however, there will be no connection with the battery; therefore, replacement is necessary.


Your car's wiring system is critical for operating windows, headlights and other important functions. It also poses a major safety risk if the wiring becomes defective; this could lead to fires or other issues within your vehicle. Test the wiring in your car using a continuity tester. This straightforward but practical test can identify whether there's been an interruption or malfunction due to something touching against a wire. Automotive manufacturers use symbols and colour codes to indicate wiring components and circuit connections. These visual cues enable technicians to locate the part in a wiring diagram quickly.


  1. How do I know if I have an electrical problem in my car?

Look for warning signs such as dimming lights, a weak battery, or a malfunctioning radio or other electrical components.

  1. Can Lock & Load Trades' auto electricians work on all types of cars?

Yes, their technicians are trained to work on all types of cars, including both foreign and domestic models.

  1. What is the typical turnaround time for auto electrician services at Lock & Load Trades?

The turnaround time will depend on the complexity of the problem, but their technicians work quickly to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. They will provide an estimate of the timeframe once they diagnose the problem.

  1. Can Lock & Load Trades' auto electricians perform installations in my car?

Yes, they can install various electrical components in your car, including audio systems, GPS navigation systems, remote start systems, and security systems.

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